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Working of D&R

D&R Group maintains the accounts relating to Debt, Deposit and Remittance Heads of Accounts (other than those pertaining to works and forest Departments). The accounts are maintained at both the offices located at Srinagar and Jammu. The D&R Group comprises of following Sections located at Srinagar and Jammu.

Branch Office Jammu

Section –D&R-I

The Accounts pertaining to Central Loans, Lapsed Deposits and Remittance s (Cash and Bill) are maintained by D&R-I section at Branch Office Jammu. Since the transactions of the State Government are not regulated by the Reserve Bank of India but are transacted through J&K Bank , the detailed account of each loan/ Advance raised by the State Government and repayments thereof is maintained by the Finance Department itself. However, transactions in lump sum of all incomings & outgoings on this account are watched institution wise through accounts of Finance Secretary rendered monthly for five branches. Periodical reconciliation is being conducted for the figures so booked in this office with the Finance Department figures & the data being downloaded from website of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.


The Scooter Advance / Motor Car Advances sanctioned by the State Government to state Government employees under Major Head-7610- Loans & Advances to State Government Employees -0202- Advance for purchase of Motor Conveyance in respect of Jammu region are dealt with in D&R II Section. On receipt of the sanctions of Scooter Advance/ Moter Car Advance, the requisite account numbers in favour of the concerned loanee are allotted by this section to watch recovery of these advances. The ledger folios are opened in favour of the loanees and the recoveries made by them towards the Scooter Advance / Motor Car Advance either through Pay Bills or direct remittances into treasuries are posted therein on receipt of credit schedules from different sections of this office and treasuries challans received through Mini Book Section on monthly basis.

At the close of the financial year the outstanding principal amount of scooter Advance/ Motor Car Advance is communicated to the loanees through their departments for their confirmation.

After liquidation of full principal amount of advance the interest on Scooter Advance / Motor Car Advance is worked out on the basis of original deduction statements / ledger posting / treasury challan furnished by the department / loanees asking them to remit the same under Major Head-0049 – Interest Receipts- Interest on SA/MCA.

The original challan of the Interest remittance are then called for and thereafter on verification of interest remittance from accounts, No Demand Certificate on account of SA/MCA are issued.

The broadsheets of Major Head-7610- Loans and Advances are also maintained on monthly basis along with the posting of recoveries in the ledger folios.

In addition to above D&R-II section deals with the preparation of various Broadsheets of loan Heads including Major 8011- SLI where state government sanctions loans to various departments for different purposes. The schedules / payment vouchers in respect of all loans heads are received from the treasuries on monthly basis and at the close of the financial year the outstanding balances of loan heads are communicated to heads of the department.

Section- D&R- III

The similar procedure is adopted in D&R –Section in respect of House Building Advance cases of the State Government Employees (both Gazetted and Non- Gazetted) sanctioned under Major Head-7610- Loans & Advances to State Government Employees -201-House building Advance. The recovery towards the HBA is watched under D&R-III -Series of Account Number allotted to the loanees and is posted in Broadsheet under Major-Head-7610-201-House Building Advance.

Srinagar office

GAD Cell-2

Similarly in Main Office Srinagar, GAD cell-II deals with the maintenance of accounts of House building Advance/ Motor Care Advance of MLCs/ MLAs/ Officers Civil Services and Gazetted officers of State Government and those working in Civil Secretariat.


D&R-K section located in Main Office Srinagar maintains the accounts of Scooter Advance /House Building Advance in respect of Non- Gazetted employees of the state government (Kashmir Province).


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