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Family Pension: 

 1. In the event of death of a Government Servant while in service it has to be ensured by the concerned Head of Office under whom the Government Servant worked at the time of death that the payment of Family pension and death-cum-retirement gratuity admissible under rules, is got authorised to the beneficiaries of the deceased expeditiously. For this purposes the following time table for the work is prescribed. 

  • As soon as the Head of office receives intimation regarding death of a Government Servant while in service, he shall initiate immediate action for obtaining claims for Family Pension and Death-cum-retirement gratuity from the beneficiary or beneficiaries in whose favour the Government Servant has made nomination, if any. Where the deceased Government servant had not made any nomination or the nomination made does not subsist the claim should be obtained from the person to whom the Family Pension may be payable under Rule 22 of J&K CSR Vol II. The Head of office shall then address the person concerned in Form 15 or Form 16 as may be appropriate for making a claim in form -17.
  • The Head of Office while taking action under para I above, shall simultaneously undertake the completion of Form 18. The work shall be completed within one month of the date on which intimation regarding the date of death of the Government servant has been received.
  • The Head of office shall go through the Service book/ Service record of the deceased Government servant and satisfy himself as to whether annual certificates of verification of service for the entire service are recorded therein.
  • If there are any periods of unverified service, the head of office shall accept the unverified potion of service as verified on the basis of valid entries in the Service Book/ Service record. For this pupose, the Heaed of office may rely on any other relevant material to which he may have already access. While accepting the unverified portion of service, the Head of office shall ensure that service was continuous and was not forfeited on account of dismissal, removal or resignation from service.
Rule 25 of Family Pension-cum-Gratuity Rules Schedule XV J&K CSRs vol II
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